Did you ever take time to daydream without any limits? If tomorrow you could live the life of your dreams, what would it be like? I ask myself this question from time to time and if a fairy would ask me today this would be my answer:

… I would like to live in nature in a beautiful old artdeco villa, with a winter garden with carved wood blends and huge windows in elegant frames. High ceilings and beautiful old doors with bronze ornaments. Flowers, animals, gods and goddesses appear as sculptures on the fassade of the house. It is built the old way regarding the flow of the water. The villa is surrounded by a beautiful permaculture garden with a natural swimming pond, fruit trees and a lot of nice meditation and yoga places. There would also be several treehouses on the ground. One would be the healing space for my shamanic work, one an atelier for painting, writing and handicrafts and one would be just for relaxing and meditating. My kids would have their own treehouses too. In the villa I would live together with my kids, my cats and friends and visitors from all over the world. It would be a big, colourful family and there would be enough rooms that everybody finds enough space to rest. But there would also be a huge, cosy living room to hang out, cook, chat, make music, discuss, invent stuff and just have fun. When I would feel like being alone, I would travel and go hiking in remote places. 

I would organise rituals and parties, especially in summer in the garden. We could celebrate events like midsummer with a toga-party, women wearing flowers in their hair, live music, a huge campfire and some singing, dancing and drumming. Me and my friends could put installations in the garden. Purposes could be: creating nice outdoor hangout spaces with selfmade furniture, funny hideaways for kids like mini-tipis or fairy huts, beautiful places for rituals, land art etc.

The whole place should be as selfsustainable, ecological and self-sufficient as possible.

There should be enough space for a campfire, a sweatlodge, a medicinal herb garden, a glass house, a bee stock and a field for growing vegetables. It would be great to have a sauna. It would organize a huge workshop for wood work and any kinds of crafting. It would be nice to have a clay oven and an atelier for working with clay. I could definitely imagine creating a dancefloor in nature, surrounded by beautiful trees where people could dance under the sun or moon and cuddle in huge hammocks.

In this little paradise I could let my creativity, healing energy and love just flow organically to what needs it the most. One day I could do healing sessions in my treehouse, one day I would write and paint, one day I could give tantra-workshops or organize nice interactive parties.

Let´s see what the future brings 🙂