Happy New Year!!!!!

Today my topic is love.

I started thinking about love and relationships when I was around 12 years old and got my first real kiss. Since then I am trying to understand men and women and everything in between and their interactions and emotions. 

The last years I started studying Tantra because I had this strong feeling that personal growth is completely interwoven with the relationship with your body and your sexuality. And of course selflove. And if someone would ask me after all my studies, what is the ideal kind of love? Then right now I would answer it is love without boundaries. Spontaneous, truly felt, unconditional love to everything that is. I mean those moments when time stands still and you are deeply connected with yourself, the universe and all other beings. This feeling when your heart is wide open, your mind takes a break und you just follow your guts. 

But how does this pure love fit into our modern society? Does it fit in a monogamous marriage? Which borders can this love cross? Can two people become happy from different backgrounds and religions?

I personally think we are still far away from living in a frequency of unconditional love, but more and more people tap into that new vibration. And once you have felt it, you want more. That´s how it will expand I guess. By receiving it full of gratitude and passing it on without any expectations.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and a year full of this new kind of love!



Mother Eagle