I am
 Mother Eagle

Let me take you on a very special journey, into the world of the soul. My drum beats will help you to connect with your intuition and relax deeply. The moment you can imagine something, it has already entered your field and you took the first step to transformation.

I love traveling and the English language and I am very happy to work with people from all over the world, so expats of Vienna, let me be the shaman of your trust!

For people living abroad I can offer online sessions and let the vibe flow even to another continent.

My offer to you

Examples for personal sessions

Awaken your inner god/goddess

Balancing of the chakras, journey into one specific chakra, unlock the power that waits within

Regaining all parts of your soul, integrating your inner child

Calling in of your soulmate

Contact someone you lost/guiding souls into the light

Find your vision/visionboard

Forgiveness ritual

Learn to work with the medicine wheel

Regression into a former incarnation

Space Clearing

Soundhealing – deep relaxation


Long distance sessions:

I can also tap into your field from afar.

Prices depend on the kind of session.
We will discuss that when we find out how I can help.

Workshops/group events/rituals

Awaken your inner god/goddess -discover your inner male/female power

Empower your womb  – with smudging, soundhealing and affirmations

Find your vision/visionboard

Forgiveness ritual

Heart opening group ritual/love channel

Rituals for special days: Beltaine, Midsommar, Samhain etc.

Rituals for the whole family

Shamanic drumming journey



Guided medicine walk in nature

Release ritual including all elements

All infos about my next events – Calendar

How I work…

Before every single session, workshop or ritual I meditate and connect with the vibration of the people I work with and the energy of the planets on that certain day and choose intuitively which methods of my spectrum fit best for that certain moment. Then I create a wholesome experience by stimulating all your senses with smudging, drumming, singing and giving Reiki.

I love those magic moments when I connect with the Aura of someone and the universe and am allowed to see things that are sometimes hard to explain. One cannot force these moments, but I can make myself empty and give energies space to unfold naturally.

Take some time for yourself alone in nature, become still and enjoy finding magic signs and places. 

My first children’s book

On the 11th of April 2023 I presented my first children’s book „The Seven Keys to Magic“. Discover with it the seven hermetic principles and explore this ancient wisdom to create a life full of awareness and joy!

You can order your English paperback copy here.





Albert Einstein is quoted by these words: No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Mother Eagle is authentic, patient and humble. She guided me to a world of stillness and peace, I could not experience being in my mind. With her guidance I learned the basics of healing through Tantra, selfcompassion and selflove. She gave me ressources for my own healing journey with clearing rituals und showed my good books for selfstudy. Mother Eagle was like a light at the end of the tunnel and like the steady rock I needed to heal my Yoni, my spirit and my soul. With her help I started a process that for the first time allows me to feel whole.

Susan Mikes, Zen Tutor und Yogateacher

”The shamanic drumming journey plus soundhealing of Christina, Mother Eagle, was a magic experience. Her spirit and her drum were leading me into the depth of my soul. Under her guidance I met a few spirit animals and I felt a field of love expanding inside of me. I was also enchanted by Christinas angelic voice which I felt deep within each cell.”

Jasmin Unterhofer, yoga-teacher, womens circles, dancemeditation

„It is always wonderful working with Christina, she is connected within a deep level easily, it really comes naturally to her. I have worked with her in person and also by phone, since I live in Brazil, but it´s as if we’re in the same room! She even played her drums on our calls while I meditated. I’ve been able to know myself more with her help and it´s really a blessing. Thank you Christina for your teachings and healing.”

Victor Pinho, entrepeneur

”If you want to find inner peace then 50 minutes shamanic drumming & soundhealing are a bit like a short vacation at the sea. But without the stress of getting there. I can recommend Christinas shamanic work to all pragmatists: it works even if you dont believe in it.”

Peter Mattes, project manager

Jana Bartho

„I attended the winter solstice ritual with a shamanic journey and it was a wonderful experience. In the meditation we were led from one healing place to the next, accompanied by sounds that touch you deeply. What is particularly nice is the experienced and calm leadership by Christina and the reflection in the sharing circle afterwards. The energy flows holistically and is very nourishing.

Thank you for this great experience, I‘ll be back.”


”By chance, I participated in a workshop of Christina and Jasmin Unterhofer in 2020. I was the last to enter the room, everyone was already seated and the sacred space was already opened. I could see that everyone had a guardian angel behind them and that these angels were forming a closed circle around the women.  When I saw a big lightbeing in the middle with more than two arms, I understood the topic of the workshop: Shakti and Shiva, the balancing of male and female energy. Thanks to Christina for those precious hours I spent at your space. All the best for you and Across the Universe, may you hold many more healing rituals in your room!”

Gabriele Wenger, Shaman, Herbal specialist

”I just finished the amazing book „fuchs erde“ by Thomas Sautner and had to think of Christina all the times.

In this book you can find this quote: „If you know that there is a god, there will be one for you. And if you know that the stream, the stones, the plants and the animals talk to you, they will talk to you and you will understand them. If you know that happiness is in you and only in you you will be filled with it. Everything will be real. It will not only be in your belief or imagination. It will be true and you will understand. You will be one with the divine cosmos of which you are a part of. If you don´t believe you will not know and it will not be. If you pass by without caring and search for yourself outside of yourself, you won´t find yourself. Then there is nothing. Then you just dream of it. “

Christina has created a space in times of technological and informal hyperactivity and overstimulation to listen to yourself and to stand still and spend some time returning to yourself. Finding yourself might sound like a quote from a slick, pretentious blog. But the truth is Christina passes on real old wisdom that is part of the wisdom of our ancestors and our being and shares a profound shamanic practice. Wisdom about our guarding angels, the importance of soul purification and the certainty that we can help ourselves if we just acknowledge our own power and are brave enough to live it and use it. One could call Christinas Universe a „self-help group for developing light beings”. It is a space worth visiting as often as possible!”

Sandra Knöbl, architect, DJ and kids yoga teacher

My philosophy

For me there is no defined target on the shamanic path, its more a basic attitude of awareness, openness and love for all that is. It is a neverending process of learning and growing and simply practicing to the best of knowledge and belief. My mission is to help others reconnect with themselves and with nature and hear their inner voice clearly and I am always very touched when I get the permission to ”look” in someone´s soul. Because in the very core I always find the same vulnerability and beauty that we all carry inside. I find love, wisdom and power, that wants to break free and make the world a better place.

By drumming, singing, rattling, smudging and calling in good spirits I create the space in which you will find the answers to your questions yourself.

The divine in me honors the divine in you,
for the highest good of all,


The whole story…

I grew up in the countryside of Upper Austria, surrounded by mountains and lakes, spent a lot of time in the forest, and as a kid the trees and animals always felt like friends to me. Since I was 19 years old I have been working as a graphic designer, later on I made a diploma in Interior Design and as a hobby I design furniture and costumes.

In my twenties I used every free minute to travel the world until I became a mother with 31. I had two natural births in a Geburtshaus and returned back to the forest with my own kids after spending a lot of time in front of computers. I reconnected with nature and felt that I could not return to my old office lifestyle before the kids.

In that time I also lost my mother and looking for answers and healing I found my way to a shaman. When I heard his drum the first time, I knew that something important just happened. He works in the tradition of the Lakota and the sounds and the smell of white sage were not strange to me but rather like coming home.  In one session with I had my first out-of-body-experience and felt with every fibre that there is a soul that can leave the body.

The path to Shamanism

I wanted to know more and began to read books about famous healers, built my own drum, started a therapy with this shaman and absolved the master diploma of the Austrian Academy for Shamanism. Looking at my past, my present, former lives and tried to dissolve as many shadows and old beliefs as possible. I was given the name Mother Eagle because of my power animal and my strong bond with the nurturing earth energies.

The end of it was finding my own mission which lead to founding a seminar center and Yogastudio and started to invite healers from all over the world. By watching them working, I learned a lot of different ways to support people in their processes and also improved my personal practice. I created a nice treatment room and started living my dream.

Due to the pandemic, I had to close my center when it just started to blossom so I got a big lesson in letting go. What remains are so many special memories and teachings that I remain very thankful for experiencing it in the first place. I will find new places to do my shamanic work.

If losing my space in town means that my rituals will from now on rather take place outdoors at a campfire and under the sky, I can’t complain and will focus on working with the elements much more.

There is nothing like doing shamanic work in direct correspondence with nature.


Why Mother Eagle?

This name Mother Eagle was given to me as my spiritual name in my shamanic seminar. My first power animal was the eagle and in many constellations, privately and also in work I often end up in the role of a mother. I am a Virgo plus Virgo rising and have even 4 more Virgos in my astrological chart, so the element Earth is very strong in me. I shall work with the wisdom of the eagle and the power of Mother Earth and I am born to create life, rooms and ideas.

About energetic work

The energetic assistance deals exclusively with the activation and harmonization of the body’s own energy fields (life energy). These measures serve to restore and harmonize the body’s own energy fields but do not constitute a healing treatment. The mode of action and the success of the energetic treatment has not been scientifically proven or refuted with certain methods. Accordingly, energetic assistance is not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, nor is it a substitute for psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment or examination. All statements and advice are not diagnoses but represent pure energetic descriptions of the state. For diagnosis and therapy, please contact your doctor.

Private Stuff

has always been a part of my life. I grew up with the music of Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, Abba and Elvis.  As a teenager I spent my free time near the river with my friends and my guitar, singing Beatles- and Seventies-Songs. I sang in a musical, had my first band when I was 13 and after that sang in several other bands until I got kids. I sang Jazz and Bossanova, Funk und Soul and also wrote my own songs. After years of practicing meditation I have come to the conclusion that it does not only enhance the mental/spiritual power and emotional balance, but also stimulates musicality and creativity. As if it all comes from the same area…

Here you can listen to some of my tracks  > Soundcloud


Since me and my backpack explored India 20 years ago, the travel bug hits me regularly. I just love finding powerful places in nature and meditating there and feeling the vibe of a new piece of this beautiful planet. For example, this photo was taken in Brasil, after a beautiful shamanic session on the beach.

In the last years I like taking my drum and other shamanic stuff with me and found a new beautiful way to connect with the locals: When I get the impulse that I could help someone with my skills, I treat people spontaneously. Or just drum, rattle, sing and dance with them.

To me shamanism is not a job, it is more like an identity, that is always present, also on holiday and in my private life and I love it.

I have been to following countries and islands, maybe I also visited your country:

USA, Brasil, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Jamaica, Trinidad, Kuba, Seychelles, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Sweden, Finnland, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland, Great Britain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Kroatia, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Portugal, The Canary Islands, Ibiza, Mallorca, Malta, Sardegna, Corsica, Monaco, San Marino 


A turning point in my life was my first time at the Burningman Festival in Nevada in 2006. One week without money, advertising and mobiles, an utopia full of creativity and spirituality in the desert. One part was, that I had the fun of my life, but the long-term effect was even better because it gave me so many new perspectives on literally everything.

There in 2006 I also came in touch with a shamanic ritual for the first time in my life. Back then I had no clue what they were doing in their minds, I was just very impressed by the effect of the ritual. One woman lay in the middle, the shaman drummed and the other participants took the roles of her relatives. They traveled together in another dimension and just made some animal noises from time to time. Afterwards everyone told what he or she had experienced and the woman said that all the collected info matched her family members perfectly. They charged her in a circle with the power of all of her ancestors and the expression of her face changed and she seemed years younger and stronger. This was one of my first magic moments in my life and it should not stay the last one.

In 2019 I went to Bunringman for the fifth time and drummed at the opening ritual of the water-Altar from Camp Amazone. This altar proves, inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto, that meditation changes the structure of water.  > Infos.

Listen to my shamanic drum

by Mother Eagle

Listen to my swinging chime

by Mother Eagle

Listen to my Koshis

by Mother Eagle

Single Sessions

Workshops & Rituals

Space Clearing


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